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We distribute and we export products as hams and sausages, cheeses, wines, pates, honey, olive oil, paprika etc. with the origin denomination Extremadura. We also have numerous baskets, details and kits gifts for any type of event (corporate gifts, weddings, communions, baptisms, etc) you can see more information or purchase directly from our online store regalosgourmetonline.com

Under our brand Deliex (Delicias de Extremadura) and through agencies specializing in transportation, we distribute our products to professional, shops, restaurants and hotels of the country and the EU. The professionals can apply without compromise our price list by calling +34 924 038 471 – +34 691576029 or by email at info@grupoextredist.com .

Wines of Extremadura, red, white, pink, reservations, upbringings, Young, DO, pitarras, Ribera del Guadiana, Ribera del Duero, Rioja


Spain hams,Extremadura hams, the best ham Dehesa de Extremadura, Iberico de bellota, Iberian bait


Sliced ​​ham and sausage of the highest quality of Spain, cured loin, ham slicing acorn, chorizo ​​horseshoe horseshoe salami

Sliced ​​meats and sausages

Honey Spain, unifloral and multifloral.Oak, eucalyptus, heather, thyme, rosemary, orange, brown, pure cane


Olive Oil of Spain, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic and gourmet, single-dose, miniatures

Olive Oil

Pates Iberitos of Spain, cured ham cream, cream ham, cream of chicken, Iberian pate, pate Pedro Ximenez, salmon pate, cachuela, zurrapa of colora loin, sausage pate, pate partridge, wild boar pate, pate deer, tuna pate, roquefort cream


Cheeses from Spain, cheese cake, cheese wedges, whole cheeses, goat cheese, feta cheese, cheese mixture, cheese cured


Paprika, food Extremadura, paprika, sour paprika, cayenne pepper


Gourmet delicatessen products, gourmet spreads, vinegars and oils, pork daggerboard, spices and salts, inifusiones, chocolates, natural jams, canned vegetables, canned fish

Gourmet Products

Gift sets, gourmet products, Spain wines, canned of Spain

Gift boxes

Details of wedding gifts for guests, details for communions, christening details, details of event details for celebrations

Details and miniature wedding

Natural Dietary Extremadura, royal jelly, food collagen, natural flower pollen, propolis, yeast, seeds

Natural Diet

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