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Export and sale of foods of Spain, hams, sausages, cheeses, wines, olive oil, paprika, wedding details, spirits, gift boxs, gourmet


We are a group of spanish producers formed in the Extremadura. Due to a collaboration of many years,we decided to unite us with the aim to share and to sell our products in the international market. We offer a wide variety of quality products.

Our main activity is the manufacturing, packaging and marketing of hams, sausages, cheese, oils, olives and tomatoes of high quality in the Extremadura.

Our catalog introduce our main Spanish products for export, based on the Mediterranean diet. We develop the brands « Sol » and « Jamonart » among others.

We can also create products with your brands, your logo and informations about your company.

We have outsourced and centralized our export departement in one office.

We believe our main interest, in addition to our products, are our collaborators (importers and distributors) because we work every day in order to offer to our customers the best quality and better services. If you would like to be part of our network, please contact us.

Moreover, thanks to the quality of our products, our services, our after sales service and our competitiveness, we have a great prestige and a recognition in our industry.

Our company has maintained a direct and personnal contact with our employees and with our customers.

We work every day in order to offer the best products with quality. This is our real and only reason to exist.

The development of cans and cooked meats is a very important activity in our firm, we are present in many main market in Europe. It is the reason why all our products follow a quick and sensitive process during which we take care of our products in order to keep their quality.

This process take the name of « From the field to the table ».

Ourcomplex is managed by professionals who take care to prepare all the products in different sizes to cover all the requirement of our clients, from the housewife to the professional.

In the Extredist Group, we always do business with traditionnal stores, but also with smalls and mediums supermarkets and with hotels and restaurants.

We hope this new way of communication with all our clients will be great for everyone and will help us to understand and to meet your requirement.

From the commercial office,


The commercial department.

Grupo Extredist
Phone & fax: +34 924 03 84 71
Mobile: +34 691 576 029
Offices, shop and warehouse located in: Calle Peréz Galdós nº 22, 06400, Don Benito (Badajoz, Spain.)